Whiplash and Barrel present: Way of the Geeky

Way of the Geeky is a satirical role-playing game, influenced by a broad range of cultural references, but initially inspired by and eternally dedicated to the majestic splendour that is Role-Playing Game Geek.

For those whose lives have not yet been enriched by the wonder and joy inherent in RPGG, it suffices to know that it is the largest database of role-playing games and related accessories on the planet, is utterly free to use and be involved in, and has a large community of dedicated contributors and bystanders that engage in friendly banter and interaction in RPGG's numerous fora and other constructions. It's awesome. You should visit it.

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The core rules for Way of the Geeky. These introduce the basic systems for resolving actions, creating characters, and developing their abilities. May contain traces of nuts.

Wiki of the Geeky — Geekdom: A World of Dorkness

In the Geekdom, the evil forces of the Lord of Darkness constantly assail the good followers of the Dork of Lardness. Pick your side in this land of eternal conflict, and try to survive in the clichéd struggle to establish the dominance of the more powerful ideology.

Supplements that have been sketched as ideas and developed at least a modicum to the extent that they could be tentatively announced under the hopeful banner of Coming Soon! where "soon" could best be interpreted as being relative to the flow of time on a geological scale

Note that the temptations below are more likely to be subsumed into the Wiki of the Geeky than to be published as separate documents. Just in case though, we've left reference to them here.

New Rules — teh Intarwebs

This rules supplement introduces some class to the woefully basic character creation process of the core rules. Unleash the furry fury of the Lolcat! Pit elusive Ninja against stereotypical Pirates! Challenge relentless Bots with leet Haxx0rz! It's everything an internet-meme-craving hyperactive script kiddie could possibly wish for in life. Maybe.

New Scenario — Werewolf

The village of Little Piddling-by-the-Marsh is a small community of curiously reclusive individuals that keep themselves to themselves. Their quiet lifestyles are shattered though when one morning Mr. Grizzly De'ath is found ripped to shreds and partially eaten. In this tense tale of baseless suspicion and hysterical paranoia, can you determine who is a Werewolf?


Are you interested in contributing to the ill-conceived and poorly-thought-out waste of time that is the Way of the Geeky role-playing game? Well you can do! A collaborative site exists that has the purpose to document the nuances of the Geekdom setting. You too can decrease your social productivity by signing up and writing silly nonsense in the Wiki of the Geeky!